Collagen 360°

Collagen 360° is a cosmeceutical range by mesoestetic® formulated to reverse the loss of collagen and fight the signs of aging. It contains high concentrations of marine collagen that stimulates the cell renovation process and reactivates the production of collagen giving skin back its volume and firmness.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin. It ensures the mechanical resistance and firmness of the dermis.  However, as we age, collagen synthesis slows down and there is degradation to its fibres occur due to environmental factors. This in turn damages skin tissue and causes facial volume loss and wrinkles and laxity becomes more obvious.

Collagen 360° contains hydrolysed collagen. The hydrolysis process of the collagen reduces the size of collagen molecules, which are essentially large protein molecules that are not naturally permeable through the skin. Therefore, Collagen 360° can effectively deliver high concentrations of collagen to the area where it is needed and for the dermal stimulation of fibroblasts and the reinforcement of intrinsic natural collagen (glycine-proline-hydroxyproline).

In addition, retinol and ascorbic acid which are proven chemicals to induce the formation of new collagen, have been added to the formulation of the intensive cream to further enhance results.

Collagen 360° Line Includes:

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