Home Performance
Purifying Cleanser 200ml
Staging: All ages
Age: Any age
Properties: Cleansing
Body Part: Face & Neck
Usage: Home & Professional


DESCRIPTION: Face cleansing gel for oily and acne prone skin, free from soap or comedogenic oils. It removes impurities and excess skin oil through its mild tensoactive effect. Its oil-regulating, astringent and moisturising active ingredients provide smoothness and brightness.

INDICATIONS: A fundamental stage of daily hygiene for dry and acne prone skins. Particularly indicated as home maintenance in the treatment of acne with cosmelan active system, mandelic_peel AM, salicylic_peel AS, mesopeel_azelan, smartPL acne.

Salicylic acid: keratolytic and bactericidal.
Liquorice extract: oil regulator.
Aloe vera: depurating and regulator of skin pH.
Hamamelis extract: topical anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor and astringent.

METHOD OF USE: Apply in the morning and at night with fingertips over the neckline, neck and face. Emulsify with water until foaming and apply a circular motion. Remove the product with sponges or wet cotton discs and apply hydratonic.


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