Home Performance
Hydratonic 200ml
Staging: All ages
Age: Any age
Properties: Tones & Decongests
Body Part: Face & Neck
Usage: Home & Professional


DESCRIPTION: Facial tonic lotion with an astringent effect for all types of skin. It removes residual impurities and decongests the skin, leaving it fresh, soft and smooth. The absence of alcohol in its composition respects skin pH and prevents dehydration.

INDICATIONS: A stage that complements daily hygiene and the removal of make-up from the skin. Used before the application of any home treatment, it enhances the subsequent skin absorption of active ingredients.

Cucumber extract: decongestant, astringent and antioxidant.
Rose water: moisturising and astringent.

METHOD OF USE: After the cleansing stage, wet a cotton disc and apply over the neckline, neck and face with a dragging motion. Then, perform ascending smoothing motions with the hands until complete product penetration.


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