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Melanogel Anti-Spot Cream 30ml
Staging: All ages
Age: Any age
Properties: Depigmentation
Body Part: Face
Usage: Home


DESCRIPTION: Depigmenting cream for all types of skin (except for sensitive skin). Its specific formula acts by inhibiting the enzyme mechanisms that produce melanin. Its continuous application allows attenuating or eradicating hyperpigmentations of melanin origin and other skin hyperchromias.

INDICATIONS: Product coadjuvant in the treatment of hyperpigmentation with mandelic_peel AM, melanostop_peel, tmt system programme 7: melanogel complex system and smartPL photorejuvenation. In skins that combine hyperpigmentation together with another aesthetic disorder such as dryness and hyper seborrhea, it may be applied before any other mesoestetic® treatment cream.

Tyrosinase inhibitor complex.
Other depigmenting active ingredients: kojic acid, phytic acid, liquorice extract, alpha-arbutin.

METHOD OF USE: Apply twice a day in the morning and at night after cleansing and toning the neckline, neck and face with a gentle massage until complete absorption. In the morning the treatment must be completed with the application of moisturising sun protection or dermatological sun protection.


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