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Proteoglycans Ampoules 10x2ml
Staging: All ages
Age: Any age
Properties: Antiaging
Body Part: Face & Neck
Usage: Home & Professional


DESCRIPTION: Nourishing ampoules for dry skin. They fight the signs of photoaging, preventing the occurrence of expression lines. Its long-term use stimulates the metabolism of the connective tissue, improving its biochemical parameters and recovering its elasticity and smoothness.

INDICATIONS: proteoglycans ampoules is indicated to remoisturise the skin after performing a treatment that involves temporary dehydration (mesoéclat, mesopeel) or for intensive repair of dry skin. Ideal also as coadjuvant for a facial mesotherapy treatment with mesohyal or the moisturising treatment photogen system programme 1: hydrophotonic solution.

Proteoglycans: with moisturising, nourishing and tensor properties.
Vitamin C: antioxidant, brightener and promoting collagen synthesis.
Vitamin F: anti-redness and regulating fat metabolism.

METHOD OF USE: After cleansing and toning the neckline, neck and face, apply by ascending smoothing motions until complete absorption. As a post-treatment intensive moisturising step, apply 3 times a week. As maintenance for dry skin, it is advisable to apply it once a week.


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