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Glycorepair 50ml
Staging: All ages
Age: Any age
Properties: Skin Smoothing
Body Part: Face
Usage: Home & Professional


DESCRIPTION: Regenerating gel for all types of skin (except for sensitive skin). It stimulates cell renewal, removing superficial corneocytes. It performs an oil-regulating action and acts as prophylaxis against the appearance of blackheads, while promoting revitalisation of suffocated skin. Its continuous use contributes to even out skin texture, fighting hyperkeratosis and dilated pores.

INDICATIONS: Its application for 15 days prior to performing treatment with mesopeel prepares the skin for the pH change caused by the application of acid, homogenising its action and preventing possible adverse reactions. After the desquamation stage subsequent to the treatment, its use optimises the result of succeeding sessions. Ideal also as coadjuvant of the treatment of acne prone, oily, hyperkeratotic and very dry skin.

Glycolic acid: alpha hydroxy acid stimulating cell renewal.
Plant extract complex: increases moisturising level and controls oil secretion.

METHOD OF USE: Apply at night after cleansing and toning the neckline, neck and face with a gentle massage until complete absorption. In cases in which morning application is prescribed, it is essential to complete the treatment by using moisturising sun protection or dermatological sun protection.


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