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Couperend Maintenance Cream 50ml


DESCRIPTION: Cream for sensitive skin susceptible of suffering diffuse redness and/or blood microcapillaries visible on the surface. Its soothing, antierythematous and decongestant action helps minimise skin irritation by acting on the impaired perivascular structure.

INDICATIONS: A desensitising stage for the treatment of hyperreactive skins. In skins that combine sensitivity together with another aesthetic disorder such as dryness and hyper seborrhea, it may be applied before any other mesoestetic® treatment cream. Particularly indicated as home maintenance of tmt system programme 8: couperend.

Centella asiatica: regenerating, moisturising and protector.
Melilot extract: vasoprotector and anti-inflammatory.
Troxerutin: enhances venous tone and reduces vascular hyperpermeability.
Bilberry extract: protector of capillary permeability.
Hesperidin: venoprotector.

METHOD OF USE:  Apply twice a day in the morning and at night after cleansing and toning the neckline, neck and face with a gentle massage until complete absorption. In the morning, complete with the application of dermatological sun protection.


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