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Cosmelan Active System Maintenance Cream 50ml


DESCRIPTION: Oil-regulating cream for oily and acne prone skin, free from comedogenic ingredients. It stimulates exfoliation and descales pores, removing blackheads, oily material and cell debris.

INDICATIONS: Maintenance product for treatments regulating seborrhoeic oily skins and correcting skin imperfections: cosmelan active system: mandelic_peel AM, salicylic_peel AS, mesopeel_azelan, smartPL acne.

Azelaic acid: bactericidal.
Salicylic acid: bacteriostatic and fungicidal.
Triclosan: antiseptic.
Liquorice extract: oil regulator.
Zinc: healing.

METHOD OF USE: Apply twice a day in the morning and at night after cleansing and toning the neckline, neck and face with a gentle massage until complete absorption. In order to increase the cell renewal levels in the skin, apply only in the morning (followed by dermatological sun protection) and combine with the application of glycorepair at night.


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