Energy C抗氧增白

Mesoetestic®向您推出Energy C系列产品,一款具有惊人美白亮肤功效的富含维他命C的抗氧化产品,适于对因日晒烟熏,节食及压力过大导致的皮肤损伤进行修复。

Energy C家庭修复系列包括,一款24小时滋润乳液,一款眼部修复霜,一款超浓缩精华(包含10%的维他命C)和一套有效的脸颈部专业护理。

Energy C系列包括:


The chronological aging process of the skin happens in 4 stages.  Stage I spears in the initial phase of ageing, when the skin deteriorates for reason such as:

- Increased in oxidation processes and in the action of free radicals
- Increased in trans-epidermal loss of moisture and reduction in the levels of amino acids and proteins
- Weakening of cell walls

As a consequence of theses changes the skin becomes more opaque and the first expression lines and fine wrinkles appear.


Energy C professional treatment is a professional cosmetic anti-ageing method.  It consists of 5 treatment sessions in the salon + a home supplement.  The combined and sequential action of the different products increases the skin’s luminosity, provides deep moisturizing and combats the first fine wrinkles.


Start by cleansing the skin with hydra milk cleanser and then tone with hydratonic. When the skin is clean, apply optionally an ampoule of 10% of glycolic acid to increase cutaneous permeability and improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

Next prepare the massage lotion.  To do this mix three doses of the facial massage cream with a single dose of the energy C serum and homogenize the mixture with a spatula.  Spread the mixture evenly over the face, neck and neckline, giving the special facial massage for 20 minutes.

Having finished the massage, apply energy C crystal fiber mask to the face and leave it for 20 minutes to produce its antioxidant and brightening action.

At the end of the 20 minutes, give a gentle relaxing massage on neck, face and neckline with one dose of the facial massage cream.

When the product has been absorbed, finish the professional treatment with an application of the moisturizing 防晒产品 to protect the skin from harmful UV effects.

This professional treatment is supplemented with the daily application of Energy C紧致精华乳.  Apply the cream twice a day on neck, face and neckline with a gentle circular massage until the product is completely absorbed.


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