Mesoéclat Cream
Staging: Stage II Antiaging
Age: Late 30s / Early 40s
Properties: Antiaging
Body Part: Face
Usage: Home


Mesoéclat cream is a moisturizing cream designed to be used in conjunction with mesoéclat facial treatment system for correcting the signs of aging. The phytic acid contained in the cream is an effective natural antioxidant which inhibits the enzyme thyrosine from causing age spots. It is a chelator which combats accumulation of iron and copper in cells, a phenomenon related to the appearance of signs of aging. This cream should be applied daily between applications of mesoéclat exfoliant solution treatments and mesoéclat ampoules.


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The Mesoéclat system is an intensive rejuvenation programme consisting of 5 sessions of treatment at 10 days intervals.
Each session of the treatment consists of 3 phases, which act at different levels to schiee a spectacular result.
1.    Preparation of the skin: epidermal renewal and reduction of imperfections
2.    Intensive anti-aging shock treatment: skin regeneration and increased luminosity
3.    Moisturizing and elimination of wrinkles for a perfect skin
Start by cleansing the skin with hydra milk cleanser and then tone with hydratonic. When the skin is clean and dry, apply mesoéclat exfoliant with a guaze, rubbing it over the surface of the face, neck and neckline.  Leave the solution to act until it dries.  Do not remove.  A few seconds after first applying the exfoliant solution, you may notice a slight, but always bearable, burning sensation on the skin, which can be relieved by fanning.
Next apply mesoéclat ampoule with a gentle face massage, spreading it over the whole area to be treated.  If the burning sensation reoccurs during the application, use a fan to make the treatment more comfortable.  Leave the ampoule to act until it dries.  Do not remove.
Apply mesoéclat cream with gentle, upwards motions, over the entire treated area. Its moisturizing, emollient and antioxidant action produces a pleasant sensation on the skin.  
The aim of the mesoéclat method is to counteract the effects of time and exposure to the sun.  The treatment may be started any time of the year, but always bearing in mind that the sun is the main “enemy” of the skin, making it essential to apply mesoestetic Complete Moisturizing Sunblock in order to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and eliminate the appearance of possible pigmentation problems.


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