mesoestetic®  has developed mesodrainerTM system, electric lymphatic drainage equipment which facilitates the drainage process obtaining optimum results by way of the application of bioelectric impulses which improve superficial and deep circulation.

The improvement to the drainage function allows the elimination of retained liquids and toxins, normalizing correct circulation, avoiding the formation of edemas and promoting the nutrition of the cells.

Mesodrainer Line Includes:

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MesodrainerTM System generates impulses which produce muscle contractions, with specific characteristics for each application.

The waves emitted by the MesodrainerTM System activate superficial and deep circulation, whilst concurrently stimulating the local metabolism, increasing nutritional replacement processes.  

The excitomotor current generated by MesodrainerTM System induces, at muscle level, the production of isometric contractions. The effectiveness of these contractions can be put down to the fact that they produce a simultaneous action at muscle level of subcutaneous cell tissue and at circulatory level:

- On the muscle, isometric muscle contractions have a firming and toning effect on the muscle fibre. Furthermore, the considerable increase in the metabolism which is produced involves an increase in the demand for oxygen and energy products, speeding up the metabolism of lipids and promoting the mobilisation of the fatty deposits of the body with a consequent SLIMMING effect.

- On the subcutaneous cell tissue, besides mobilising the fatty deposits, the isometric contraction acts by promoting the mobilisation and resorption of the interstitial liquids and of the metabolic tissue waste retained therein.

- On the circulatory system, the muscle contraction exercises a pumping effect which promotes the return circulation.


MesodrainerTM System incorporates an innovative mechanism for the application of electro-impulses, the high conductivity gloves, which produce muscle contractions whilst simultaneously carrying out a massage of the area to be treated and the penetration of active ingredients for each treatment.

The high conductivity gloves facilitate the work of the therapist, bringing precision to drainage manoeuvres. The type of waves are totally safe and harmless to the body, with the treatments producing a pleasant sensation of well-being in the clients.

MesodrainerTM System treatment consists of the carrying out of a massage which acts directly on the lymphatic system, improving its essential functions, eliminating toxins and keeping the immune system in form.

It is applied by way of precise, gentle, surface and rhythmic manoeuvres. These manoeuvres act by activating and improving lymphatic circulation via its natural routes and promoting the elimination of lymph and interstitial (intercellular) liquids.

This therapeutic method decongests, unblocks and redirects the flow of lymph by way of the lymphatic system.


MesodrainerTM system is a versatile device which incorporates different programs to carry out a wide range of facial and body treatments.

,  a reference laboratory in the development of medical cosmetics, has formulated different concentrated active gels which boost the results, adapting to the specific requirements of each treatment.


1. Body Drainer: body lymph drainage
2. Ultra Drainer: deep lymphatic venous drainage
3. Lipo Drainer: cellulite & localised fat
4. Body D-contract: muscle relaxant
5. Facial Drainer: facial lymph drainage
6. Facial Lift: facial firmer

1. BODY DRAINER: body lymph drainage program

The lymphatic system is the system which ensures the maintenance of the balance of the liquids of the body, whilst simultaneously protecting the immune system. If it doesn’t work properly, the liquid accumulates in the tissues, causing the appearance of alterations to the circulation and edemas.

Different factors like stress, lack of physical activity, poor diet, the ingestion of certain medications, genetic factors…may clog up the lymphatic flow, producing the accumulation of toxins and speeding up aging.

Body Drainer Program exercises a pleasant vibratory effect on muscles, producing the pumping thereof which generates a rhythmic contraction of the lymphatic vessels. The improvement in the drainage function improves the elimination of retained liquids and toxins, normalizing correct circulation, avoiding the formation of edemas and promoting cell nutrition.

The Body Drainer Active Gel ensures the correct transmission of impulses. It has been formulated with active ingredients which act on the capillaries, improving their fragility, permeability and resistance. Endowed with venotonic and protective, anti free -radical, anti-inflammatory and antiedematose properties.

2. ULTRA DRAINER: Deep lymphatic venous drainage program

The Ultra Drainer program carries out deep lymphatic venous drainage inducing the emptying of the major venous trunks, greatly promoting return circulation. To this end it uses the innovative multisweep ultradrainage currents which carry out a frequency sweep. The program starts off by carrying out low-frequency contractions which stimulate lymphatic drainage. The frequency is progressively increased, with the contractions being increasingly stronger and in this way squeezing the venous trunks and thereby producing the emptying of the lymph.

The increase in deep circulation gives rise to the disappearance of stasis and edemas.

The Body Drainer Active Gel ensures the correct transmission of impulses. It has been formulated with active ingredients which act on the capillaries, improving their fragility, permeability and resistance. Endowed with venotonic and protective, anti free -radical, anti-inflammatory and antiedematose properties.

3. LIPO DRAINER: Cellulite & localised fat program

Cellulite is an alteration to the circulatory system and to the lymphatic system which results in the formation of nodules, endowing the skin with a padded appearance. It is a modification to the connective tissue of a complex nature.

The main cause of the appearance of cellulite can be put down to alterations to the circulatory system. The loss of the elasticity of the subcutaneous connective tissue occurs as well as an increase in the size of the adipocytes owing to the accumulation of fat, followed by an increase in the viscosity of the extracellular matrix which brings about greater retention of liquids, toxins and fats.

The muscle layer located under the cellulite usually has hypotonia and its contraction must be brought about to eliminate the flaccidity associated therewith. In addition, the muscular contraction will stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.

Lipodrainer program acts at different levels, providing an all-in solution to the problem of cellulite, localised fat and flaccidity.

It brings about a retained liquids drainage effect and stimulates the local metabolism, promoting the disappearance of the fat accumulations present and the cellulite. Furthermore, the bioelectric impulses produce muscle stimulation with a toning, firming effect.

Formulated from lipolytic, draining and firming active ingredients, Lipo Drainer Gel stimulates the metabolism of fats, reducing the volume, promoting circulation and the elimination of retained liquids and toxins, diminishing the level of cellulite and improving skin elasticity, reducing flaccidity.

4. BODY D-CONTRACT: Muscle relaxant program

Muscle contractures consist of the persistent contraction of a muscle in involuntary fashion. It usually occurs when the muscle is required to do work in excess of that which it can carry out.

Furthermore, some muscle imbalances (spine anomalies) may encourage certain muscle groups to constantly work more than is necessary, making them predisposed to contractures.

Stress, anxiety, static positions for long periods, sudden movements… are also causes of the appearance of contractures.

Muscle contracture directly activates the nerves of the muscle pain, producing painful episodes which last for some time.

The Body D-contract program produces a vibration in the contractured muscles which induces their relaxation, normalizing the alterations which occur in terms of the mecanoreceivers and draining the stasis of liquids produced as a neurovegetative response to the contracture.

Chronic pain can be due to a compression of an area as a result of fibrosis. However, fibrosis can be prevented if the formation of macrophages and fibrin can he halted. The Body D-Contract program helps to prevent the formation of macrophages and fibrin and consequently fibrosis.

5. FACIAL DRAINER: Facial lymph drainage program

The Facial Drainer program produces rapid contractions which induce the relaxation and normalisation of facial muscle tone whilst carrying out the drainage of the liquids which appear in inflammatory processes of varying natures.

Owing to the accumulation of liquids, the inflamed tissues tend to “swell up”. This blockage slows down the removal of toxic substances and delays repair processes.

The currents set in motion a draining process which promotes the oxygenation of the tissues, the provision of nutrients and the elimination of catabolytes in the treated area. The elasticity of the skin recovers thanks to the stimulation of fibre activity, increasing the degree of hydration and permeability at cutaneous level.

The treatment increases blood and lymphatic circulation and ATP synthesis, re-establishing the natural cell process. In addition, the basal layer of the epidermis is stimulated and hence the renewal of the cutaneous surface, making it smooth and soft.

Facial lymph drainage is very effective as a coadjuvant for treatments of acne, rosacea and sensitive skin and as a complementary skin revitalisation treatment, lending luminosity to the skin and helping to eliminate retained liquids and inflammations. Furthermore, it helps to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes and facial edemas which make skin look tired and lifeless.

Following treatment with Facial Drainer, the stressed appearance of the skin disappears, leaving your face looking fresh and renewed.

Facial Drainer Gel has been formulated from elastifying, draining and restructuring active ingredients which increase circulation and promote the drainage of retained liquids by strengthening the capillaries, also reducing facial flaccidity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles, lending the skin greater luminosity.

6. FACIAL LIFT: Facial firming program

The Facial Lift program improves the toning of facial muscles, simultaneously carrying out trophic stimulation of the skin, as the currents act on the dermo-epidermal strata.

Facial Lift produces clear contractions of the facial muscles, achieving an evident increase in tone, with a view to preventing or treating muscle flaccidity which, on occasions, is associated with skin flaccidity, bringing about generalised ptosis of the tissue with very marked antiaesthetic effects.

Facial Lift can help improve the skin nutrition processes and the quality of skin by promoting surface and deep circulation and increasing cellular metabolism. The bioelectric effect produces a dermic stimulation, activating the fibroblasts with the consequent increase in collagen and elastin. In this way a tensor effect of the tissues is achieved.

The result is a more moisturised, softer skin, with a reduction in wrinkles and expression lines.

The Facial Lift Conductor Gel has been formulated from firming, restructuring and tensor active ingredients which increase the production of collagen and elastin, improving the degree of hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Through the combination of electroimpulses, massage manipulations and the application of active ingredients, synergies are achieved with amazing results in terms of skin rejuvenation and firming.



Why is it important for the circulatory system to work properly? What is the purpose of the lymphatic system? What happens when the lymphatic system fails? What is the Mesodrainer system? What does a Mesodrainer system session involve? What ailments does the Mesodrainer System treat? What are the effects of the lymphatic drainage? What are the effects of the lipodrainer program? What is the Body Drainer Conductive Gel made of? What is the Lipodrainer Conductive Gel made of? What is the Facial Drainer Conductive Gel made of? What is the Facial Lift Conductive Gel made of? How many sessions are needed? Which areas can be treated? Is it Safe? Is the treatment painful? Is the treatment effective?

Why is it important for the circulatory system to work properly?


Cells need oxygen and nutrients to work properly, but because of how they organize and specialize in order to form complex organisms, they cannot be in direct contact with the external environment. That is why they need a mechanism that provides them with what they need.
The blood keeps the external and internal world in contact and provides nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and helps eliminate waste substances.
The body has different vascular systems: a system that supplies blood, made up of arteries, and two systems that picks up: the veins and lymphatic system.
The Circulatory System
The circulatory system  transports blood all around the body. The blood picks up oxygen from the lungs and nutrients from the intestine and then distributes them to the cells.  After oxidation, it removes the waste and carbon dioxide in order to get rid of them.
The purpose of the circulatory system is to transport substances:
  • Transport to the tissue: oxygen, nutrients and substances produced by the endocrine glands.
  • Transports towards the outside: CO2, toxins and catabolites coming from the cell metabolism (cell waste, fat cells and small protein particles). 

What is the purpose of the lymphatic system?


The lymphatic system is a secondary circulatory system intertwined with the blood circulation. It is made up of a series of organs and lymphatic vessels – each one of them with well- defined and different structures and functions.
They perform important transport and purification tasks in the body. Together with the veins, they make sure the venous return in the body happens correctly. They pick up and eliminate waste substances and toxins produced by the cell metabolism and fluids from the interstitial tissue in order to take them to the blood flow.
It has an important immune system function (mechanisms that defend our body) by multiplying and storing lymphocytes. Lymphatic glands attack germs and strange particles when filtering the lymph.
Our body is two thirds water, so we can understand that there is a lot of fluid movement. The exchange between cells is very important. Nutrients and waste come and go between cells, moving between the interstitial tissue or lax connective tissue.  The amount of fluid that accumulates in the tissue will favour or affect the correct nutrition of the cell.
That is why it is essential for the fluids to be balanced at all times, in order to ensure a healthy and favourable environment for the cells.
The lymphatic system participates in the regulation of the fluids, helps in the process of eliminating substances, intervenes in the immunological response and is a source of purification and cleaning of the body.

The lymphatic system stops fluids from getting accumulated, traps proteins together with water and takes it all back to the venous return, which eliminates them from the body. 

What happens when the lymphatic system fails?


The lymphatic flow can slow down and even stop, for many reasons such as fatigue, stress, emotional shock, lack of physical exercise, certain foods etc.  If this happens, toxins accumulate and speed up the aging process, leading to various physical problems.
Some people suffer circulatory disorders for various reasons: genetic disposition, bad food habits, sedentary lifestyle which usually leads to problems with the lymphatic system, which is in charge of regulating the immune system and eliminating toxins.
When it fails, fluid retention increases and makes circulation difficult. This causes oedemas and different problems such as cellulite appear. 

What is the Mesodrainer system?


Mesodrainer system is an electric lymphatic drainage system that facilitates the drainage process, with good results.  It works with pre-defined programs that produce electrotherapy bioelectric impulses controlled by software.
Mesodrainer system generates impulses with specific characteristics for each application.  They act on muscles, causing contractions.
The waves emitted by Mesodrainer System have an effect on the circulation, both superficially and deep inside the body – they increase and regularize circulation.  It also stimulates local metabolism and increases the processes of nutrient exchange, of the treated areas and around them. This action is boosted with the improvement of the circulation, mentioned above.
The excitomotor current generated by Mesodrainer system produces isometric contractions of the muscles. These contractions are effective because they cause a simultaneous action on the muscles, subcutaneous cell tissue and blood circulation:
  • The isometric muscle activity has a firming and toning effect on the muscle fiber. Because the metabolism increases considerably, there is an increase in the demand for oxygen and energy products.  The metabolism of fats is increased and this favours the mobilization of fat deposits in the body, which consequently has a slimming effect.
  • On the subcutaneous cell tissue, as well as mobilization of the fat deposits, the isometric contraction also favours the mobilization and reabsorbtion of interstitial fluids, and of the tissue metabolic waste retained in the cell tissue.
  • On the circulatory system, muscle contraction also has a pumping effect that favours venous return 

What does a Mesodrainer system session involve?


The treatment with Mesodrainer system gives a massage that acts directly on the lymphatic system and improves its essential functions, by eliminating toxins and keeping the immune system in shape.
Bioelectric impulses are applied with highly conductive gloves, causing muscle contractions as well as massaging the area to be treated at the same time.
It is applied with accurate, soft, superficial and rhythmic movements. These movements activate and improve the lymphatic circulation and favour the elimination of lymph and interstitial fluid (which surrounds the cells). This therapeutic method clears, unblocks and redirects the lymph fluid through the lymphatic system.
The massage effect is boosted with the application of the active principles, adapted to every specific treatment, which improve the result.
These waves, because of their duration, are not uncomfortable for the client and are completely safe and innocuous for the body. 

What ailments does the Mesodrainer System treat?


The Mesodrainer system is a versatile device that includes several programs that perform a wide range of facial and body treatments.
Mesoestetic®, a benchmark laboratory in the development of medical cosmetics, has formulated different concentrated active gels that boost the results and adapt to the specific needs of each treatment.
1) Body Drainer: Body Lymphatic Drainage
The lymphatic system maintains the balance of the body fluids and protects the immune system.  If it does not work properly, fluid accumulates in the tissue and causes circulation problems and oedemas.
Different factors such as stress, lack of physical activity, bad food habits, intake of certain medication, genetic factors…can slow down the lymphatic drainage, cause the accumulation of toxins and speed up ageing.
The Body Drainer program applies a pleasant vibration effect on the muscles, causing them to pump and generating a phyhemic contraction of the lymphatic vessels.
The improvement of the drainage function improves the elimination of the retained fluids and toxins, normalizing the blood circulation, avoiding the formation of oedemas and favouring cell nutrition.
2) Ultra Drainer: Deep Venous - lymphatic drainage
Ultra Drainer Program drains deeply and helps veins to empty, which favours venous return noticeably. It uses multisweep ultradrainage currents.
The program starts with a first stage that causes muscles to contract, with a low frequency, which increases lymphatic drainage. The frequency progressively increases causing tetanic contraction of the muscle. There is no relaxation times between impulses, so as the contractions get stronger, the venous trunks are squeezed and thereby produce the emptying of the lymph, then the cycle starts again.
As the deep circulation increases, stasis and oedemas disappear.
3) Lipo Drainer: Cellulite and localized fat
Cellulite is caused by an alteration of the circulation and lymphatic system, which causes nodules and, makes the skin look like orange peel. It is a complex modification of the connective tissue.
Sometimes, and for almost unknown reason, the normal flux of the lymph is interrupted because the minute channels in which it circulates are obstructed.  It affects fatty cells and the interstitial tissue, as well as the smaller blood vessels and it makes the skin look bumpy.
Cellulite appears because of a hystophysiological alteration and loss of subcutaneous connective tissue elasticity.  There is a hypertrophy of adipocytes because of the accumulation of fat; the extracellular matrix is more viscous, which makes fluid exchange difficult and this causes a higher retention of water, toxins and fat. There is fluid exchange between cells in the connective tissue.  Water, fat and toxins put pressure on it and cause cellulite.
Mesodrainer system has several therapeutic actions for this process.  It drains the fluids retained and stimulates the local metabolism, favouring the disappearance of present accumulated fat.  Lipodrainer program involves electrolipolysis.  It stimulates the mitochondrial ATP of the adipocytes, which releases triglycerides into the blood flow.  It is used to treat localized cellulite and fat.
4) Body D-Contract: Relieves muscle contractions
Muscular spasms are involuntary, ongoing contractions of a muscle. They normally happen when people strain their muscles, using them more than they should.
On the other hand, some muscle imbalances (spinal abnormalities) can make certain groups of muscle work more than necessary, thus causing spasms.
Stress, anxiety, static positions for too long a period of time, abrupt movements….also cause spasms.
There are two types of spasms:
  • Spasms that appear while you are using your muscles: they are caused by metabolic products inside the muscle tissue.  When you make an abrupt movement, the blood vessels do not have time to get oxygen and feed the muscles properly, so they release toxic elements that cause spasms and pain.
  • Spasms that appear after using your muscles: they are caused by the muscle fibers being pulled, and this causes injuries between tissue and joints.
Muscle spasms activate the nerves of muscle pain, which can be long-lasting.
The Body D-Contract program makes the muscles with the spasms vibrate and relaxes them. It normalizes the alterations that happen with mechanoreceptors and drains fluid stasis caused as a neurovegetative response to the spasm.
This way, it prevents the formation of macrophages and fibrin, which cause fibrosis that can press on the area, leading to pain and a chronic problem.
Skin ageing is a biological cell process that appears with age and shows up with a series of structural and functional changes that cause a gradual deterioration of the skin. The first noticeable effect shows up when a person is around 25-35 years old, and from then onwards they evolve slowly but irreversibly, and the skin becomes an organ that reveals the person’s chronological age the most.
From a histological point of view, this process affects the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis, and is determined by endogenous and exogenous factors, which reduce and deteriorate collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the connective tissue that supports the dermis. The skin hangs, loses elasticity and tone, wrinkles and flaccidity become visible, and folds and lines get stronger.
5) Facial Drain: Facial Lymphatic drainage
The facial drainer program produces fast contractions that relax the facial muscles and normalizes their tone, as well as draining fluids that appear in inflammatory processes of different types. Because the fluids accumulate, inflamed tissue tends to swell up.  This slows down the removal of toxic substances and the repair processes.
The current triggers a drainage process that provides oxygen to the tissue, as well as nutrients, and eliminates catabolites in the treated area.  The skin is stimulated, and the level of moisture and permeability increases.
The treatment increases the blood and lymphatic circulation, and the synthesis of ATP, while restoring the natural cellular process. The basal layer of the epidermis is also stimulated, and therefore the skin surface is renovated, making it soft and smooth.
The facial lymphatic drainage is very effective as a contribution to acne, acne rosecea and sensitive skin treatments, and as a complementary treatment to skin revitalization.  The treatment helps to eliminate retained fluids and inflammations.
It is a very effective technique to reduce bags and rings under the eyes, and facial oedemas that make the skin look dull and tired.  With the Facial Drainer treatment, the stressed appearance of the skin disappears and makes the face look fresh and renovated.  The imperceptible feeling of the current and the different massages with the gloves on the skin gives the client a sense of wellbeing.
6) Facial Lift: Facial Firming
The facial lift program improves facial muscle tone, and performs trophic stimulation on the skin, because the currents act on the dermis and epidermis layers.  Facial lift causes clear contractions of the muscles on the face, which improves their tone, in order to prevent or treat muscular flaccidity, which is often connected to skin flaccidity, which causes generalized ptosis, and very unattractive effects.
Because the treatment favours superficial and deep circulation, and the cell metabolism of the area that is treated, the nutrition processes of the skin improve and its quality too. The bioelectric effect stimulates the dermis, activates the fibroblasts and therefore increases the amount of collagen and elastin.  The tissue gets firmer.
The results of the two mechanisms of action are smoother and more moisturized skin, with less wrinkles and expression lines.  With the combination of electric impulses, massages and the application of active principles, synergies with spectacular results occur, such as skin rejuvenation and firming. 

What are the effects of the lymphatic drainage?


The main effects of the lymphatic drainage are:
  • Drainage effect: it drains the fluid from the interstitial tissue, directs it through the natural vessels or redirects it towards other functional areas, and creates new connections between vessels, or opens ways that already exist.
  • Neurovegetative effect: it produces a sedative and relaxing effect on the vegetative nervous system, because it acts on the parasympathetic system.
  • Effects on the muscles: both on the smooth and striated muscles. Tones the artery walls and boosts the movement of lymphatic vessels.  On the striated muscles: it regulates the muscle tone.
  • Immune effects: it boosts the immune system indirectly, because by draining the tissue better, the afflux of defensive cells to all the tissues improves. 

What are the effects of the lipodrainer program?


It favours the reabsorbtion and drainage of retained fluids in the connective tissue, and reduces the oedema. There is an important loss of volume.
With the reabsorbed fluids it eliminates waste from the cell metabolism
As a result of the drainage and elimination of toxic waste, the tendency to suffer from fibrosis and “orange peel” skin, typical of cellulite is reduced.
It has an intense vasomotor and trophic effect, which improves cell exchange and the stasis of the areas affected by the lipodystrophy, which tend to normalize, and the orange peel skin disappears or improves noticeably.
It is a key process in tissue nutrition thanks to its cleansing effect, which increases irrigation, which provides more nutrients and oxygen to treated area.
It has lipolysis effect that degrades fatty cells. The stimulation of the metabolism increases the consumption of energy and the hydrolysis of fat.
It has an analgesic effect on painful cellulite.
This program also makes the skin more elastic because it stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the synthesis of elastin and collagen.  It has therefore a smoothing effect in areas that are flaccid. 

What is the Body Drainer Conductive Gel made of?


It is a gel that ensures the correct transmission of the impulses, formulated with active principles that act on the capillaries, making them stronger, more permeable and resistant. It has protective, anti free-radical, anti inflammatory and anti oedema properties.
  • Organic Silicon: Structural element of the connective tissue. It stimulates the biosynthesis of the collagen and elastin, strengthens the support tissue of the skin, and favours the regeneration of skin cells. It has an important drainage effect. It increases capillary resistance, reduces their permeability and activates the circulation, thus favouring the drainage of toxic substances and excess water.
  • Glycolic extract from Butcher’s Broom Rhizome: tones the veins and has anti-inflammatory, anti-oedama and anti-radical effects. It improves the venous circulation and strengthens the capillary walls.
  • Troxrutin: It protects the blood vessels. It reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries, and stimulates blood microcirculation.
  • Escin: It comes from horse chestnut. It acts on the blood capillaries, reduces capillary fragility and permeability. Escin reduces the amount and diameter of the small ores on capillary walls, thus favouring the reduction of oedema.
  • Caoumarin: It tones the veins, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Favours blood circulation. It reduces permeability and increases the resistance of capillaries. 

What is the Lipodrainer Conductive Gel made of?


  • Caffeine: Alipolysis active, with proven effectiveness. It reactivates the lipolysis process, transforming fat deposits into energy and releases the enzyme that triggers the formation process of fat.
  • L-Carnitine: Amino acid that transports fatty acids inside the mitochondria, where they turn into energy.  It tones the skin and reduces the visible effect of cellulite.
  • Organic Silicon: It increases the effect of lipolysis, and hydrolyses triglycerides. Trace element with lipolysis, moiturising, anti-aging, anti free-radicals and restructuring properties.  Favours the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and makes tissues firm.
  • Iodotrat: Strong lipolysis and anti-inflammatory effects. It stimulates the metabolism of fat, reduces subcutaneous nodules and reduces the “orange peel” appearance in skin.
  • Elastin: a component of elastin tissue.  Increases skin elasticity and eliminates flaccidity.
  • Escin: It reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries, thus favouring circulation and the elimination of retained fluids and toxins. 

What is the Facial Drainer Conductive Gel made of?


  • Organic Silicon: it increases circulation and favours the drainage of retained fluids by strengthening the capillaries. It reduces skin flaccidity, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, and strengthening the dermis structure that supports the skin.
  • Elastin: a protein with structural functions, which increases skin elasticity and tone, and reduces the formation of lines on the skin.
  • Natural Collagen: it ensures the mechanical resistance and firmness of the dermis. It increases skin elasticity, density and moisturizing, and eliminates wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Troxerutin: it reduces the permeability of capillaries, thus preventing the accumulation of fluids and toxins. Stimulates circulation. 

What is the Facial Lift Conductive Gel made of?


  • DMAE: it increases the biosynthesis of acetylcholine in the dermis and makes the skin firmer. Produces a visible and immediate lifting effect, because it promotes water retention in the dermis and makes the skin look firmer.
  • Sodium ascorbyl phosphate: a novelty form of stabilized vitamin C, which reduces pigmentation, prevents skin photo-ageing, and provides elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Natural collagen: it is most abundant protein in the skin. It regenerates, firms and moisturizes, gives luminosity and moisturizes the skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Elastin: it increases skin elasticity, reduces flaccidity, dropping and wrinkles.
  • Proteoglycans: they increase skin elasticity, smoothness and moisturizing, and prevent the formation of wrinkles.  They restructure cells.
  • Vegetable placenta: it stimulates cell regeneration and moisturizes immediately. It activates the production of collagen and elastin, and eliminates flaccidity.
  • Vitamin F: a combination of biologically active linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, with properties that regulate the metabolism of the fat in the skin. Intense nutritional and regenerating action. 

How many sessions are needed?


8 to 15 sessions are needed approximately according to the area and type of treatment to be carried out. The results are visible from the first session. 

Which areas can be treated?


Mesodrainer system can be used on the face and body, and is very effective for the following treatments:
  • Fluid retention
  • Elimination of oedema
  • Cellulite and localized fat
  • Relieving muscle spasms
  • Facial firming, lifting effect 

Is it Safe?


The treatments with Mesodrainer system are completely safe for the body and do not entail any discomfort or side effects. The impulses have been designed with completely innocuous features, which do not cause any pain. 

Is the treatment painful?


The treatment is extremely pleasant because it is applied with a soft and relaxing massage. The equipment’s software regulates the intensity according to each client’s sensitivity to the current. 

Is the treatment effective?


The Mesodrainer system treatment is very effective thanks to the synergy produced by the combination of the action of the programs, the massage and the application of specific active principles for each treatment.
All this is backed by the experience, reliability and quality provided by the medical cosmetics formulated by the Mesoestetic laboratories. 

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