Post Peel Crystal Fiber Mask
Post Peel Crystal Fibre Mask
Staging: All ages
Age: Any age
Properties: Skin Repair
Body Part: Face
Usage: Home


Post peel crystal fiber mask       
A latest generation face mask, specifically created to facilitate the cell renewal process, to restructure the hydrolipidic film and to increase moisture in the skin.
Designed as a professional treatment product, Crystal fiber is an innovative material for medical use whose easy application allows its use at home. 
The Crystal fiber mask acts as a support that guarantees a continuous and prolonged time of contact between the active ingredients and the skin.
3D nano-fibers
Thanks to its internal structure made up of nano-fibers, distributed three-dimensionally, the crystal fiber fabric offers the highest effectiveness for guiding the cosmetic active principles onto the surface of the skin.
Occlusive Dressing Treatment
With this internal configuration and thanks to its ODT effect (Occlusive Dressing Treatment), it achieves ideal conditions for the application of cosmetic products. It increases the temperature of the surface of the skin and momentarily dilates the pores, thus improving the permeability and transport effectiveness of active principles towards the more internal layers of the skin.
Results: renewed, moisturized skin
The application of chemical scrubs enables the renovation of the dermis and the epidermis. They significantly improve the look and texture of the skin. 
When to use the Post_peel crystal fiber mask?
  • It is specifically developed as a complementary therapy after treatment with professional peelings. In particular, after mesopeel peelings and the combined mesoestetic® peelings.
  • It is recommended after non-ablative antiaging treatment such as those provided by mesoestetic® medical devices equipment: TMT SystemTM  (electrophoroporation), Photogen System (Radio-frequency and Phototherapy), SmartPLTM System  (Fractionated Pulsed Light)
  • It is suited whenever the skin requires more moisturizing, such as after prolonged exposure to sun. 


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